The elementary classroom needs access to thousands of books at many different levels of difficulty for children to read.  The class needs fiction in many genres and non-fiction on a variety of topics.

If we’re lucky our school may have an extensive library from which teachers can borrow, but more often teachers spend their own money acquiring books for their students.  We use the bonus points from the book clubs.  We haunt garage sales.  We beg parents for donations.  We return to our parents’ attic in search of our own childhood books.

In Santa Cruz county we are lucky.  The SC Public Library system has a bi-annual book sale downtown that is a great deal.  The civic auditorium is filled with tens of thousands of books and they are sold cheap.  Really cheap.  Sometimes they are sold by the pound.  Some are $1 to 3 each.  And in the afternoon, they are sold for $5 a bag.  It’s a great place to grow your class library!

Tomorrow (Saturday, October 24) from 10 am to 4 pm is the next library book sale.  If you are a teacher in need of books (and what teacher isn’t?), it’s the place to be!