Sally Arnold Educational Consulting

I believe that the professionals working in schools are in the best position to understand the problems they face and to craft the solutions.

What I Offer

I can help you develop solutions for your classroom and your school by:.

  • Conducting workshops on differentiated instruction.  The principles of Differentiated Instruction (DI) can be implemented in any subject.  I can guide your teachers to implement DI in mathematics, reading, spelling, ELD, theater arts, physical education, social studies, class climate, and more.
  • Coaching teachers as they work to advance their craft, whether that be implementing Common Core Standards, improving class climate, effectively collaborating with colleagues, or other topics that teachers and administrators identify as areas for growth.
  • Providing demonstration lessons and conducting collaborative classroom observations.
  • Working with teachers and administrators to identify target areas where students need support; helping design and implement effective intervention programs.
  • Facilitating inclusive school-wide decision making.  Assisting administration and faculty in creating, developing and executing projects for enhancing school quality, for example: integrating the Common Core Standards into daily instruction, improving school climate and discipline, raising student achievement or other areas of need as identified by client schools.

Previous Clients:

  • Soquel Union Elementary School District
  • Santa Cruz Gardens School
  • Pacific Elementary School District
  • Numerous individual teachers

Earning Units

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available through Dominican University in coordination with Allan Varni.  Each workshop series may be taken for units: $95 for 1 unit or $190 for 2 units.

If there’s one thing I could recommend to teachers along the path to a sound practice, it’s to enroll in a course with Sally Arnold.  You will walk away with new and improved systems of instruction.  Her workshops delve into strategic interventions, truly effective  differentiation, and overall success in your classroom and community.  It’s a must-do!
Carlo Albano, Primary Educator, Santa Cruz, CA

Sally is a wellspring of ideas, suggestions, and approaches when it comes to the teaching profession.  Even with her decades of experience, working with Sally always feels like collaboration, even when it’s really more like a mentorship.  As a newer teacher, I appreciate that.
Ethan Ducker, 5th Grade Teacher

Sally is a caring, gifted educator, who is quickly able to assess the classroom situation and provide the needed assistance to help bring the teacher and students to excellence. She uses a diverse number of ways to approach learning, while helping the teacher to be able to create differentiation for each and all of the students. I highly recommend her to help you do the same for your teachers and students!
Brenda Payne, former Principal, Main St & Pacific Schools